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Prompt: Who is your favorite author and why? 

Today is day 21 of the WordPress #Bloganuary challenge.


There is something about the feel of the page and the aroma from within the print. Like the grain in a photo shot on film -it’s what I prefer. Sure I use Fujifilm digital cameras but they offer settings that allow film recipes to be saved and shot in .jpg format straight out of the camera -just like 35mm film days. Amazon coined Kindle in 2007 and signified the direction of publications. It was a brilliant connection to a term and device. Webster’s transitive verb meanings are -light, arouse, start, and illuminate. The Kindle is a lightweight device that easily tucks away for mobility, and illuminates for nightly reading.

It does not allow one to feel the stock texture of turning the suspenseful page. Its aroma of freshly pressed plastic is lost upon exiting the box.

There are times when I’m forced to read my favorite subscriptions electronically. For those times -I consume the media through my iPad Pro. To be more specific -I subscribe to FujiLove. It is a magazine that is published monthly but only available electronically. The images taken with Fujifilm equipment from around the world and the stories told look absolutely stunning on my iPad retina display. I do not have the feel of the page but I do have the most cutting-edge technology to view the unmatched Fujifilm colors created by some of the world’s very best photographers.

Fujilove is my favorite magazine and absorbing its contents on my iPad is time well spent❣️

On The Shelf

I was in my forties when I found enjoyment in reading. My friend would share on his blog his top books and I took an interest and purchased my first piece of fiction -paperback that still resides on the shelf. I couldn’t believe how captivated I was by reading and how much I actually enjoyed it. The book my friend shared and my first purchase was John Irving –A Prayer For Owen Meany. I finished that read in no time flat and I was right back on my friend’s blog looking for the next recommendation.

While I added a few more paperbacks to my shelf, it was Khaled Hosseini –The Kite Runner that hit me in the gut and left heartbreak falling from my eye and onto the page.

I knew after those two books -I would make time to find time to read!

The Joy

My favorite band is American Aquarium and frontman BJ Barham often shares his favorite reads. When he made the recommendation that David Joy -Where All Light Tends To Go, should be mandatory reading for North Carolinians, I knew I had to read it!

I not only read it but the three that followed.

Joy is hands down my favorite author and it’s the light he sheds on the darkness that surrounds life in Appalachia. It’s the way he invokes the accent that I have and often left explaining where I got my twang.

Good Reads

Reach out on Good Reads -would enjoy connecting and sharing! Books I want to read are listed along with books I’ve read. Looking forward to reading more from the local artist about the newest and oldest city I now call home.

Good Reads

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