Time Is Ticking

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Prompt: What are the pros and cons of procrastination?

Today is day 27 of the WordPress #Bloganuary challenge.


In 2012 I was displaced from corporate aviation and given a year’s worth of severance. I had a year to “figure” it out -aviation was all I really knew. My smoke’n hot wife had started over in the financing sector after a 2008 displacement from the fallout. She embraced her new role scoring up the corporate ladder and earning frequent flyer miles nearly as fast as the jet carrying her.

I championed the stay home dad role while also collecting frames of moments with my camera. Every day of the week started with dancing music playing loudly in the kitchen where we met the day with dad being the breakfast chef. Afternoons were spent around the table with after-school snacks and homework. Evening time was reserved for dinner where I would transform back into Chef.

Thursday was Matt Maid Day and cleaned the house from top to bottom. Friday I would transform into Lawncare Matt Maintenance and would mow, edge, and blow leaving the lawn striped just like the country club.

It all revolved around a schedule!

Tick Tock

Time is wasting -Tick Tock!

For me to have a successful career as a full-time stay home dad and part-time photographer, I had to stay one step ahead. It was a very tight schedule and if I missed one section it threw the remaining schedule off kilter. Procrastinating was not an option!

Times Up

Yesterday I shared that I had accepted a new position that allowed me to return to aviation and where I first started. I absolutely love it!

Prior to my first day of work, my wife and I were having a conversation and I shared with her how disappointed I was. I shared that I had wasted the last ten years and accomplished nothing. Being the ray of light that she is, she quickly let me know all the things that I had achieved. I am truly my own worst enemy at times.

I will say this -if I had it to do again, I wouldn’t have given so much time to the dust. A messy home is a home that is lived in. A dirty kitchen is a sign we had food. It doesn’t have to be perfect -it just needs to be finished. I would have not only procrastinated but put a lot of the meaningless stuff off all together.

Procrastinating gives us the ability to analyze the entire situation and then proceed with what is most important.

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