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Prompt: What language do you wish you could speak?

Today is day 26 of the WordPress #Bloganuary challenge.

I am really looking forward to this challenge coming to an end!

My word for the year is FOCUS and I just completed my first day back on the job after being displaced in 2012. Being a small business owner sure as hell ain’t easy and I’m not going to try to string together the words for how excited I am to be back in aviation and on the ramp.

To be completely transparent -I’m not one made for blogging! Five more of these and I’m all done!

I’m Focused on what matters, which means a whole lot more of everything other than this.

So -if I could speak any language to supplement my native tongue it would be ASL. I can not imagine not being able to listen to music and I would love to be able to share the power of a tune with someone less fortunate.

1 thought on “Language”

  1. I understand your perspective, BUT – while I, too, will be glad when this is done, it has made me stop and think about some areas I had not really thought about although a couple of the prompts did make me think of related topics I might want to explore. Writing a blog, to me, forces me to “focus” as I have to stop rushing around in my daily life with its demands and sit still and “think” about sharing from life’s experiences in a way that brings them clearer to me and may help someone else on their path. Really appreciate the idea of learning ASL and sharing the power of a tune – super good idea!

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