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Prompt: What is something you learned recently?

Today is day 29 of the WordPress #Bloganuary challenge.

Demo Day

Did you know that HGTV draws over 40 million viewers and has a profit margin to the tune of billions? Not too shabby for demo day fun.

I’ve learned that demo day isn’t actually all that fun. There will be a surprise and an alternative will need to be found!

Self-care and spiritual guidance need the same attention. We have to FOCUS within ourselves before we can help others.

India Bravo

Did you know that the aviation industry uses the Phonetic Alphabet? It is used for clear and precise communication. I learned the phonetic alphabet back in 1994 when I started working for Qualitron Aero at IAH -Houston Intercontinental Airport but has since been renamed to George Bush International.

Aircraft have what is known as tail numbers for specific identifiers. For example here in the states, all tail numbers registered in the US will start with N -November. So for my example, I’ll say N10IB which we translate as November, one, zero, India Bravo.

It’s been 10 years since I worked the aviation ramp but India Bravo –I‘m Back!

I’ve learned this week that we can start over and it’s just part of the remodeling process. I still prefer the Mid-Century Mod so I’m thankful for being able to pick up where I left off without a full reno from the foundation up.


I thought for the longest time my compass was set to frame and make the image. Returning to the ramp this week has proved soul-fulfilling and dotted with affirmations from day one.
I’ve learned this week I now frame and create for the self-care and spiritual connection I need.
I’ve learned this week that self-care and spiritual connection can be found in the workplace by doing what we were meant to do.
I’ve learned this week through the hugs of my daughters they are proud of me and respect me just a little more than they did.
I’ve learned to embrace those hugs and hold them tight as long as they’ll last.

I’ve learned this week I was made for aviation in some form or fashion.

My compass is set to FOCUS for 2023 and I’m learning that I can be happy with me.

I’m learning to finally believe in myself!

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