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Prompt: How do you show love?

Today is day 24 of the WordPress #Bloganuary challenge.

All In

It was around the time I married in 1992 that I received the best piece of marital advice I have yet to get. I can not jar the memory file to recall who or where but I remember a gentleman telling me how he would go about maintaining longevity in a marriage. He said to me: “It’s NOT 50/50, it’s 100% all the time.”

Wiser words I don’t reckon have ever been spoken. Why would you 1/2 ass it? Why only give 1/2 when you’ve given 100 prior to marriage? Each day requires we give our all and today’s prompt couldn’t have showed at a better time.


The good book is actually a library containing books, letters, poetry, and lyrics. I & II Corinthians are letters written by Paul to the church of Corinth. It is within the 13th chapter of 1 Corinthians he describes in detail what love does and doesn’t do.

He says “Love never fails.” Uh yeah, it does and it hurts like hell! Why is it that the ones that say love us the most hurt us the worst?

My display of Love to these individuals is first class return to sender!

I did my best to love those who claimed to love me more than anything along life’s way. They no longer have the address to my heart and can no longer hurt me in the name of love.

Love Rescue Me
First Class

When we flipped a coin in 1994 and loaded that one bedroom in a truck and headed for Texas, I had no real idea of the journey that has displayed love at nearly every single turn.

I show my love through pictures where she gripes about her appearance.
I show my love through poems and surprise vow renewals where she shows little emotion.
I show my love through her favorite clothing line shopping bags where she flashes that smile and hugs me tight.
I show my love by chewing on that last word and swallowing.
I show my love by trusting her everyone one of those hard nights we spent apart.
I show my love by her hearing me pray for her.

I show my love by looking at her 100% effort!
She lives the same and doesn’t go about doing anything at 50% or 50/50. We do it together and we do it at 💯

She has carried the financial load for 10 straight years. We didn’t ask for the hand of cards we were dealt but we sure as hell played ’em the best we could. There are not enough ways to “show my love” for what she has done and the success she’s earned. If you ask her she will tell you straight no chaser that I was a 100% piece of her success and what she’s been able to do.

She is First-Class and today I’m blessed to tell her thank you! After months of resume updates and interviews -I received a job offer and will be headed back to the aviation ramp of first-class flyers. There is so much for our little unit to be thankful for and there is no way humanly possible to show my love to them. Today it’s all about the feels, the times shared, the dad that volunteered, and the couple that chose 100%.


Better Together @kerrieccrace18

♬ Better Together – Luke Combs

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    I am so very thankful for you as my husband, as my best friend and as the father of our beautiful girls. Life is complete with you! Congratulations on your next career journey. You will continue to do amazing things. I love you to the moon and back!!

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