Mr. Fritsch

I appreciate your visiting this page to understand better my eagerness to join the Adamec family. While this page isn’t included in the main navigation, it can be shared by copying the link and sharing it with Mr. Adams or Mr. Hollingsworth. I have included comments if anyone would like to reach out.


Live To Ride

I purchased my first motorcycle when I was 33. Pictured below a brand new 2001 Sportster 1200 Custom.

I chormed about everything on it, screaming eagle stage one, with Bassani exhaust.
Thing was scary fast!

Blondie was more interested in comfort than getting there in a hurry -2007 Road King Classic.
I did stick with the Bassani exhaust. Tuned and loud when you wanted, but a tremendous purring sound around town. Like the Sporty -everything was chromed.

I spent twenty years in the Charlotte, NC, area, and nothing compares to hitting the Blue Ridge Parkway for the weekend.

10 Minutes

Conveniently located within 10 miles.

On-time for me means being at least 10 minutes early! I am reliable and have a clear understanding of weekend work.


In closing I want you to understand that I’ve never forgotten my raising and where I come from. I don’t mind getting dirty or emptying trash, and I’m not too good to clean a toilet!

I meet all the criteria listed in the job qualifications and look forward to answering your questions.

Warmest regards,

Matt Crace

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