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To Whom It May Concern,

Please accept this specifically designed webpage as additional information to my application that reflects my eagerness to fulfill your Counter Salesperson role. I’ve created this page using WordPress and consider myself knowledgeable and efficient with plugins, themes, HTML, CSS, FTP, DNS, and hosting that can be utilized beyond the sales counter.

Operating my own multi-media business for over a decade, I have a clear understanding of business development, sales, and upselling stratagies.โ€‚

You will receive a relentless pursuit of branding excellence -with me acting as your Counter Salesperson.โ€‚I work with an ownership mentality and promise to promote White’s Lumber & Supply to the highest degreee of professionalism.

As you scroll down this page, I’m hopeful you will see the details in my craftsmanship, carpentry knowledge and my eagerness to be part of the White’s Lumber & Supply Family.โ€‚

For The Record

Clean driving record with reliable transportation and fully insured.
Readily available to pass the most stringent FAA and K-12 background and drug screenings.

On-time is 10 minutes early! -and I am conveniently located five and a half miles away.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

I am an avid DIY’er and can utilize that experience with my technological savvy to confidently fill the Counter Sales position. I work with a common sense approach, believing it is best to do it right first. I understand measurement and don’t mind getting dirty.
Below are galleries that will demonstrate my DIY and home-building knowledge.


New granite countertops replaced the dated Formica. Kitchen cabinets were stripped to the wood, painted white, and added black hardware. There was a bartop height cabinet that separated the kitchen and dining that I removed and used for a base with an additional piece of granite for dining/homework. More to that project is below under “Desk.”

Garage Storage

Relatively inexpensive compared to other solutions -this provided 160 SQFT of storage space while maintaining two-car parking in the garage.

Work Station

With the variety of DIY projects I faced, I created an 8′ x 4′ mobile workstation that housed a table saw sliding compound miter and served as a bar area.


Referring back to the first project after moving in, replacing the Formica kitchen countertops with granite. I had the company create an 8′ x 4′ slab that I used for a bar-height table in the dining area. When COVID-19 made its debut, I saw the writing on the wall and started getting busy creating useable work-from-home spaces. I created my space by sawing the oversized granite slab into three pieces and used those for my desk area that matched the kitchen.

Dining Conversion

The enormous granite slab was out of the way -my area was finished, and I focused on creating the space for my wife to work from home.

Functional Storage

This was the final project of our little Arizona home.

Each project I completed alone, with the exception of the drywall texture in the dining room conversion. Combining my carpentry, real estate photography business development, and technology skillsets -I would like the opportunity to blend in with White’s Lumber & Supply Co. team with a positive impact.

Behind The Computer

I utilize an iMac from home for desktop design and development, an iPad Pro w/pencil, and an iPhone 12 Pro on the go. I am proficient on Windows PC, Microsoft and Google utilities.
Subscriptions include Grammarly, AP Style, Yoast, Monster Insights, Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps, and Udemy for continuing education.โ€‚

I want to thank you for your time and look forward to answering any questions you may have.โ€‚

Comments are enabled on this private page if you wish to utilize.

Warmest regards,

Matt Crace

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