Matthew A. Crace

Marketing Coordinator Position
  • Creative Thinker
  • Ten-plus years of business development.
  • Proficiencies
    -Microsoft Office
    -Google • Sheets • Docs
    -Mac OS
    -Sheets • Numbers
    -iOS • iPad Pro w/Pencil • iPhone 12 Pro
  • Comfort Zone is within technology and its advancements.
  • Educational Eagerness
    Udemy Subscriber
  • Excellent Communication Skill Set.
    -Written Grammarly Subscriber
    -Verbal • Listen First • Respond with eye contact, empathy, and professionalism. Role Playing Before Significant Meetings.
  • Proffesional demeanor • Self Care • Hygiene
  • Advanced Time Management Skill Set • Prioritize • Complete


  • Effectively Communicate property details with each team involved.
    ⦿ Forecast
    ⦿ Coordinate
    ⦿ Publish
  • Leverage all available outlets to showcase property.
  • Optimize Marketing Print and Digital Files.
    ★ Fifteen Plus Years of Lightroom and Photoshop Experience with Extensive Knowledge of sizing for print and web.
    ⦿ 72 dpi for web/digital
    ⦿ 300 dpi for print
  • Property Evaluations
    ⦿ FL Licensed Driver with Clean Driving Record
    ⦿ Insured
    ⦿ Reliable Transportation -2022 Honda Civic Hatchback
    ⦿Photography Portfolio Included Below.
  • Research and Utilize CRM, i.e., ZOHO, for potential clients.
  • Leverage Data for best results
  • Effectively Communicate property details with Property Management.
    ⦿ Signage


Forty years of photography experience! Residential and Commercial Real Estate focused for the last decade.


Minimal time at the property to easily capture floorplan consumer-driven data.


Creating Virtual Tour Reality since 2005.


Working with an ownership mentality -I pledge to represent Suncoast Property Management, its leaders, associates, clients, and vendors with the highest level of professionalism and respect. I was very excited to find that my AI assistant, Phil -from Zip Recruiter, recommended the open Marketing Coordinator Position. With the creation of this WordPress page, I am hopeful that I’ve given the hiring team at Suncoast Property Management a sense of my creativity, educational eagerness, and enthusiasm.

Nurturing a long-term commitment to shared values of learning, culture, and community will allow a partnership that will exceed client, investor, and vendor expectations. Pursuing the offered benefits package and wealth investments -will allow me to move from an entrepreneurship role into a Suncoast Property Management shared investor.


I’d like to summarize quickly -I will commit to pursuing excellence and exceeding the requirements of the open Marketing Coordinator Position. Please note that I am a Florida licensed driver with a clean driving record and readily available to pass the most stringent FAA/K-12 Background and Drug Screenings.

I look forward to answering your questions.

Warmest regards,

Matthew A. Crace

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