Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.

We are a Faith-Driven organization using our Leadership
capabilities, unwavering Integrity, collaborative Teamwork, and
dedication to Continuous Improvement to serve families in
Northeast Florida.


Matthew A. Crace

Customer-Centric Creative

I was excited to discover that Indeed suggested I am a matched candidate for the Communications Specialist position.

  • Shared Core Values
    Faith Driven, Leadership, Integrity, Teamwork, and Continuous Improvement
  • Assist Director of Marketing, Communications & Faith Relations with planning, marketing, and managing HabiJax special events. 
    Will embrace each of these challenges with integrity, urgency, and wisdom.
  • Regularly seek news and photos from all departments to develop content for internal communications website and message boards and for HabiJax newsletters, promotional materials, social media, and website. 
    Expert user with photography backend components of Keyword, META, EXIF, IPTC, and XMP.
  • Represent HabiJax at job sites, community events, and corporate events with team members from other departments. 
    Highest level of professionalism leveraging experience with Bank of America CEO, Executive Team and associates.
  • Photograph and video record events, volunteer groups, and other groups that serve on HabiJax sites. 
    40 Years of photography knowledge.
  • Write and post bios and stories for HabiJax staff, board members, homebuyers, and Hicks Prep Club students. 
    Listen. Gather. Create.
    This Lens is a short piece that demonstrates my love to write.
  • Identify and facilitate opportunities to increase the visibility of HabiJax through participation in community, government, and advocacy events. 
    Networking while applying core values.
  • Assist with updating and maintaining promotional materials, presentations, training materials, and resources for HabiJax programs. 
    Multimedia experience includes digital and print across various platforms and materials.
  • Ensure appropriate signage and promotional materials at programs and events. 
    Arrive early and stay late.
  • Work with Director of Strategic Planning and Initiatives to gather, track, and report on HabiJax Strategic Goals and Action Steps data and progress. 
    Open Lines of Communication with meticulous organization and details.
  • Research and report on historical homebuyer data to evaluate cost savings, tax benefit to the city, home value appreciation, etc. 
    Leverage tax records and other researchable data to build presentation.
  • Conduct homeowner surveys to evaluate improvement of family life: health, safety & emotional well-being, education, financial stability. 
    Print or digital through iPad collection.
  • Perform research activities to provide analysis to support the public awareness and policy objectives of the organization. 
    Gather through Google, Library, Canvas Neighborhood, Local Officials, etc. Present in detailed form.
  • Coordinate the development of the HabiJax Intranet site with the HabiJax Communications Task Force. 
    10+ years of WordPress experience. Quickly adapt to new software leveraging online learning through Udemy.
  • Assist Director of Strategic Planning and Initiatives with special projects and reporting as required. 
    Open Lines of Communication with meticulous organization and details.
  • Assist with impact reports and customized presentations for advocacy, homeownership, sponsorships, strategic partnerships, real estate development & acquisition. 
    Listen. Gather. Create.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with department and HabiJax staff. 
    Interpersonal skill set with a desire to complete the task as a team.
  • Be aware of and advocate for the mission, vision, and values of HabiJax and Habitat for Humanity. 
    “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”
  • Perform additional duties as required and directed.
    Coachable and open to constructive criticism.


  • META
  • EXIF
  • IPTC
  • XMP
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • BLOG
  • SEO


Project Includes:
  • Portrait
  • Interior And Exterior Photography
    -Frame In
    -Completed Model
  • Various Videos
    -Blend Building Stages
    -Walk Through

*sceenshot image is linked to the project





Approach each project with determination and a willingness to tackle any challenge head-on.


Created a custom built in desk area that was a perfect match to the kitchen that I had completed soon after purchase.
Utilized every square inch of the 1800 SQFT space by converting the dining into a home office/guest area.


Designed myself, with the deepest part of the pool at 5′ 6″ in the center and both ends at 3′ 6″.
Umbrellas mounted to concrete piers I poured before pavers were laid.
I installed the walkway pavers at the pump and beyond past the storage building.
Purchased and installed all landscape lighting.
Selected all the landscaping that was installed by the company.

My diverse background that also includes construction knowledge, listening, and communication skills have equipped me to adapt and thrive in customer-centric roles.
Whether working autonomously or as part of a team, I bring an ownership mentality, ensuring that I represent the customers, vendors, and HabiJax associates with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.

I am excited about the opportunity of joining a community focused organization with shared core values. My customer service skills at the executive level, real estate photography business development, and dedication are a perfect match for this role’s requirements.

Thank you for considering my application!

Warmest Regards,
Matthew A. Crace
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