Matthew A. Crace

Transporter • TRANS005792 | OR Assistant • OPERA005850

Walking alongside my father throughout his career as an Orthotic and Prosthetic business owner, I have spent countless hours in hospital settings. While I didn’t follow the same career path as my father -the years I spent learning in those hospital settings, maneuvering hospital equipment, staff communication, and patient interaction offered valuable insight into my creative endeavors.

Beyond the college degree, I learned more from my father about how to treat patients and staff with empathy, respect, and kindness.

My creativity, customer support skill set, life experience working in my father’s orthopedic and prosthetic business, and wisdom will allow me to fulfill the open transporter or the OR Assistant position at Flagler Hospital and make an immediate positive impact.


I can pledge that I not only meet each of the requirements but will exceed them.

  • Hospital Equipment Familiarity
  • Assisting Patients With Empathy
  • Unsolicited Work Ethic
    -Stocking Supplies
    -Accepting Additional Duties To Benefit The Patient and Team
  • Reporting Abilities
    -Notifying Primary Nurse
    -Patient Charts Workflow
    -Scanning Arm Bands
  • Coordinating With Various Departments
  • Provide Exceptional Care To All Patients
  • Exterior and Interior Detailed Cleaning Experience With Gulfstream Corporate Aircraft
  • Countless Hours Assisting My Father with Below and Above Knee Amputation Castings/Fittings
  • Successful working Autonomously or in a Team Environment


I will be able to leverage my Flagler experience with those in my care.

April 20, 2022, Flagler Hospital, its staff, and Dr. Micah Jones saved my life!
I arrived to the ER with what felt like an elephant sitting on my chest. I was immediately greeted by knowledgeable nursing staff who completed their jobs swiftly and effectively. I was informed that I had suffered a heart attack and would be scheduled for a heart cath.
I was first in line for Dr. Jones in the cath lab on the morning of April 21. Once he completed the task of inserting two stents in my LAD (widow maker), he said to me, “You were a french fry away.”

To this day -I still haven’t eaten anything fried.
I quit smoking
I quit drinking
I started viewing life differently and want to share that where and when I can.


I am a young, energetic 55-year-old with a vision. While owning and operating my small business has been both challenging and rewarding -new aspirations are being explored.

My commitment will be ten years at a minimum. We will invest in our future together, where I will exceed the performance of the services described. I will leverage investing opportunities through Flagler, UF, and their investing partners to suplement my Bank of America retirement.


  • Clean Driving Record with a Florida License
    -Available To Pass The Most Stringent FAA/K-12 Background
    -Availalbe To Pass Drug screening
  • Insured with Reliable Transportation
  • Up To Date Passport
  • Readily Available To Pursue and Obtain Required Licenses
    -Basic Life Support • Required and obtained with defibrillator training each year of service with Bank of America Aviation



Thank you for your time and for being part of the team that saved my life!

Leveraging and combining my skill sets, I will represent Flagler Hosptial, UF, the entire staff, patients, vendors, and communities with the highest level of professionalism. Please accept this specifically designed webpage as my cover letter expressing my eagerness to join the Flagler team.

Warmest regards,

Matthew A. Crace

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